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As new composites continue to compete with steel, aluminum and other traditional materials, specialty cutting tool solutions help bring innovative applications to market in nearly every manufacturing field.

In aerospace manufacturing, composites have demonstrated proven advantages for weight to strength ratios, which has contributed to their rapid popularity as a material of choice. It is expected that the use of composite parts will be rapidly adopted in comparable industries such as, automotive, marine, building construction and others.

Due to the complex internal structures of composites and according to various estimates, 75 percent or more of the cutting tools used in aerospace manufacturing operations are custom applications. The custom tool making process involves developing a prototype, regulated testing and producing tools for production testing as well as the fabrication process.

Custom solutions produce dramatic improvements in cycle time, tool life and other criteria enabling greater control options over set-up and production scheduling. The resulting benefits are greater efficiencies and flexibility and that produces significant reduction of tool and overall project costs.

Custom tools do require R&D planning and development costs, however once in production, the investment often reduces the cost of process while optimizing value of tool.

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