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by Eric Slack - , (excerpt)

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AMAMCO Tool has built a legacy as a custom solutions provider for more than four decades. A privately held manufacturer of machining tools, AMAMCO has expertise in cutting tools for composite materials that are uniquely specified by aerospace, automotive, marine and other industries. It serves both private and public customers, as well as Department of Defense contractors, and its presence continues to grow nationally and globally.

“We are a North American company and work directly with many domestic OEMs and their major suppliers,” Business Development Manager Andrew Gilpin says. “And we have pursued opportunities for work as it has emerged, and we now serve customers all over the world. We consider ourselves an aerospace company, as most of our tools are made for aerospace customers.”

Located in Duncan, S.C., AMAMCO Tool’s leadership team includes CEO Linda Neufeld and President Elizabeth Gilpin. The company is a specialty tool solutions provider that offers custom manufacturing of carbide cutting tools made in its 25,000 sq. ft. facility. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100C certified. It has worked with Boeing, Lockheed and other major manufacturer and defense contractors. AMAMCO continually tests its products and management systems to make sure quality standards remain high.

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No Coolant Needed

by Matt Grasson, Senior Editor at GIE Media, Inc
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With nearly 3,500 F-35s still scheduled for production during the life of the Joint Strike Fighter program, it is imperative…

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Hole ambitions? Optimize! Customize!

by Ginger Gardiner, contributing writer, High Performance Composites
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Matching the drill tool to the job can save thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars. For six decades, “you…

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How to Go Custom with Cutting Tools

by Pat Toensmeier, contributing editor, ThomasNet.com
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A lot of machining plants use custom cutting tools, although the amount varies. For some, it’s standard; for most, it’s…

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